Balloon Pump

Student answers a question or reads a sentence, teacher pumps a balloon. Depending on the pump-balloon combo, maybe it’s one pump per word, or the student rolls a dice to determine how many pumps.


RPS Soccer

[ _ _ _ _ _ ] is drawn on the board (the ends are soccer goals). The ball starts on the middle line – you can draw it, or use a magnetic one. The teacher plays paper scissors stone with a student to determine whether the ball moves towards the class’s goal or the teacher’s goal.



A Wheel of Fortune-type spinner is on the board and students spin for one star, two stars, three stars or a bomb – and maybe prizes too.


Spinner Race Car

Car 1 – – – – – – |

Car 2 – – – – – – |

Car 3 – – – – – – |

A student spins a spinner to determine how many spaces their car moves.



All students stand in a circle. The first says “I’m going shopping to buy (a hamburger).” The second says “I’m going shopping to buy a hamburger and (a dress).” It continues all the way around the class until the teacher remembers everything. Adapt the context to your current topic.